Swyfft Claims App

Project Info

  • Role: Senior UX/UI Designer and Developer
  • Brand: Swyfft
  • Timeline: Jun - July 2019

Materials & Tools


With hundreds of insurance claims per year, Swyfft's original method of outsourcing claim handling could not scale. Also, when a claim happens, say a flood hits a group of houses in an area, before the claim gets going, the house is still suffering damage.

With the Swyfft claims app, we solved both issues by bringing claim reporting to the website and by auto-assigning local vedors as soon as a valid claim is reported.


Based on specs from the claims department, I created a simple outline of the app flow. After reviewing and refining the specs with the outline, I created a prototype for each major flow of the app and created a Logic Flowchart to outline the specs visually. I went with a mobile-first design and collaborated with a backend developer to create the app skeleton. After working out the kinks, I refined the style of the app, added transitions, and adjusted for larger layouts in the code, using React, Typescript, and SCSS.

As a part of this project, I implemented several reusable React components that could be used for adding new features with the same design framework. Some of these components include:

  • Progress Indicator
  • Switch Buttons
  • Switchable Form
  • Success Badge
  • Styled Information Cards

Mobile Demo